Ahad, 19 Jun 2011

Status : in a relationship / engaged / married..

Bismillahirrahmanirrahiim.. I am interested with my teacher's status..
(Teacher Sapura Harun)

"correct me if I'm wrong or u may give response : is it appropriate to list a person's name that you are having a relationship with when you know that it is not yet SOLEMNIZED in a matrimony..unless u are engaged in "a right way"...then maybe because u want to DECLARE that is the person you are going to marry.."

I posted it in PASUM's group (well I am now at Pusat Asasi Sains Universiti Malaya..err.. I' ll tell ya letter about my studies)
Here are some of their response..

I'm fascinated with Farouk Aizat statement

"technically, in Islam,like my teacher said there are 3 things that are very sensitive to talk about even if we don't mean it; marriage, divorce and one other that i forgot.

A man can divorce his wife simply just by texting her "saya ceraikan awak talak 3" and the same goes to marriage, that's why sometimes you cannot "main kahwin2" or make jokes like "aku nikahkan kau wahai ____ dengan adikku ____ mas kahwin RM____"(remember those days when we were little we used to joke about this). So MAYBE it is likewise in facebook too."

What his(Farouk Aizat) forgot is actually this hadith :
Nabi Muhammad s.aw. bersabda: “Tiga perkara yang mana diambil hukumnya sama ada dalam keadaan bergurau atau serius iaitu NIKAH, CERAI dan MEMBEBASKAN HAMBA.” (Hadis riwayat Abu Daud, at-Tirmizi dan Ibnu Majah)
so, don't play2.. hehe..

The right "HUKUM' for this problem is still unknown..
and it's not right for us to make or put the "HUKUM"

Personally, I'm not agree declaring relationship with someone whose not yet SOLEMNIZED in a matrimony..

It's like so immature declaring something that's not right in ISLAM..
Doing the wrong things publically??

As we all know, COUPLE is West people trend..Then, why should we so proud with that..??

~Think About it~